Thursday, February 19, 2009

~Every 3-year-old Girl Needs a Tutu~

My niece, K, also turned three on February 4 (yes, they're triplets).

Because I alter dance costumes I had plenty of tulle, plus the elastic and ballerina ribbon.

Cost: $0.

~Every 3-year-old Boy Needs a Superhero Cape~

My nephews, E and S, turned three on February 4. Unfortunately, I was late sending off their gifts!

My only purchase was the binding for each cape.

Total: $4.12 (I did have some left over--so we'll call it $3.50).

Thursday, January 1, 2009

~Creative Goals for 2009~

After seeing this website, You Can Make This, I decided I would try to make 2009 the year to make all my own gifts.

These gifts will be made with not only the receiver in mind, but what I have on hand.

I will be posting what I make and how much of my stash I was able to use. And then have a running total of how much my gifts have cost.